MS Sync takes too long with RTF RRS feed

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  • Hi I am new to MS Sync. I am trying to sync from MS SQL to SQLCE. One of my tables stores RTF strings in nvarchar(max) column type. Because of this RTF string it seems like the sync takes a very long time. I have only 256 rows with two columns that has RTF strings and I have waited for more than an hour for the sync to complete which it still did not (so I havent managed to get a complete sync). If however I change all the RTF values to just normal text, it sync fine. Has anybody else had similar issues. If yes then how did you solve the issue

    Please note the Sync is happenning over WCF services and it seems like the sync gets stalled on

    GetChangeBatch method

    Wednesday, March 23, 2011 9:23 AM