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    I'm running a hybrid compute cluster based on HPC 2012 R2 and I try to add Azure linux compute nodes. The linux hpc daemon  is installed and running with the 'Microsoft HPC Linux Communication' certificate. This daemon can't connect to the headnode because of what seem to be a certificate issue. The logfile is full of : 

    warning: HttpException occurred when report to https://headnode.mydomain:40001/api/MYCOMPUTENODENAME/c
    omputenodereported, ex Error in SSL handshake

    warning: HttpException occurred when report to https://headnode.mydomain:40001/api/MYCOMPUTENODENAME/registerrequested, ex Error in SSL handshake

    The documentation specify that the certificate must have the FQDN of the headnode. My headnode is based on a failover cluster and the headnode name is an alias. However, the 'Microsoft HPC Linux Communication' certificate 'subject alternative Name' has "DNS Name" set with the FQDN of one of the failover cluster node instead of the Alias.

    DNS Name=FAILOVERSERVER1.mydomain

    How generate an autosigned certificate that will allow Linux nodes to communicate with the failover cluster headnode whichever failover server is active ? 

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    Sébastien Chevaldonnet

    Tuesday, September 17, 2019 1:29 PM

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