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  • When we tried to play WindowsMediaDRM Protected Audio/Video file from XBOX360 , sometimes we got an error message as below;


      "There may be a problem with the license for this protected content. Make sure the license on your computer aere up to date. Status code: 62-04-C00DF239"


    and can not play it.





    To play it we have to get DRM license on the WHS computer by using WindowsMediaPlayer.

    After getting license on the WHS computer , we can play DRM Protected file on XBOX360 as streaming data.


    I think this is very inconvenient ....



    To say more  on the case of  MediaCenter.

    If the DRM Protected file was set "Silent License Issue Type (without License Get Pop-up)" , XBOX360 can play DRM Protected file without pre-getting license on the MediaCenterPC.








    Thursday, October 18, 2007 6:32 AM

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  • Sorry, but I thought with DRM protected files you needed a licence on the machine that you wanted to play from, so in your example you would need the licence on the WHS computer, in which case I am not sure what you are suggesting?




    Thursday, October 18, 2007 6:44 AM
  • Hello Andrew Edney


    Thank you for your reply :-)


    I'm sorry my english is very poor...


    What i need is "DMR can get DRM license by itself via WHS" .


    I feel it is inconvenient to go in front of WHS PC and get DRM license.

    If the license is "Allow 5 times playback" , i have to go by 5 times play.


    Now the major DMR supported by WHS is only XBOX.


    I understand that  XBOX360 is not WindowsPC , it is game hardware.




    But in JAPAN there are any hardware which can get DRM license by itself .

    For example  TV-SetTopBox , HandyPhone , PDA and so on.


    So i think it is not difficult to update XBOX360  to can get DRM License by itself via WHS.







    These are sample DRM protected WMV files.

    One is Normal Type (with Pop-up)


    Another is Silent Type (without Pop-up)



    Thursday, October 18, 2007 7:04 AM
  • Hi Satori

    Thanks for clearing that up, I understand what you mean now :-)


    Have you added this suggestion to Microsoft Connect to be considered for WHS V2?


    All the best



    Thursday, October 18, 2007 7:27 AM
  • Hello Andrew


    Thank you for replay :-)


    As soon as possible I will send the suggestion to MicrosoftConnect.

    To get more understand by MicrosoftStaff , i will make material to explain my wish.


    I love Microsoft Digital Media Technology and want to spread its good usage for more japanese windows users !!



    Thursday, October 18, 2007 9:19 AM
  • Now I sent my WISH to MicrosoftConnect :-)


    And adiitional i sent another WISH as belows;






    Dear Sirs

    At this time i am testing playback videos on XBOX360 connected to WHS.
    It is very cool , because i can playback all videos saved on any Windows computers at anywhere in my home.
    *WHS gather all additional videos automatically

    Then i want to playback videos from outside of my home by using WindowsMobileSmartPhone.
    But it is difficult , because most of my video is WindowsMediaHD(file size is 1 or 2GB over).

    When i tried to get video stream from my WHS , my smartphone can not playback it.
    Because WMVHD video file's stream bit-rate is 5Mbps over.

    To clear this problem I am using this service.


    By using orb service I can play back WMVHD video on my smartphone at outside of home.
    Orb service transcode file to fit the playback device.

    In the past ,when i am beta-tester of MCE2004/2005/Vista , i sent WISH to MCE Team to implement "auto transcode function" likes Orb.
    But it was rejected.

    In Japan Orb service is not popular .
    But Sony's LocationFree is very popular !!
    *Sony's portable game console PSP can be client of LocationFree

    I think.
    If WHS implement "auto transcode function" and user can playback any big bitrate video file by smartphone or pocketPC smoothly, it will be very attractive point to buy WHS.

    As a reference I attached JPEG file.
    It is photo when i was playback WMVHD video(5Mbps bitrate) saved on MCE2005 at outside of home by using Smartphone(128kbps connection speed).

    Sincerely Yours,

    Saturday, October 20, 2007 4:06 AM