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    Hi everybody,


    I developed one aspx page by using vs.net 2005.In CRM 3.0, i am giving that aspx url to one link button.when i click that link button the requested aspx page is displaying only when that vs.net application was opened.If i close that vs.net application this url not working in CRM link button(showing page can not be displayed).I think this can be solved by creating virtual directory in IIS default web sites for working of aspx page url always.


    I found that in IIS , we have microsoft crm v 3.0 as default web site.i have created one virtual directory under microsoft crm v 3.0.Everything was done, but when i am running that aspx page with virtual directory alias name(for example alias name as xyz: http://localhost/xyz/default.aspx) getting error like " Microsoft crm unhandled error details, stack---------".


    Can anybody suggest me how to solve these type of problems ?


    Thanks in advance




    Monday, October 13, 2008 4:51 AM


  • Hi Prabhakar,

    You are running MSCRM 3.0 under .net 1.0/1 correct? Your new application by default in VS 2005 is probably running under .NET 2.0. Can you confirm they are running in seperate application pools with seperate versions of the .NET framework selected?

    You should be able to run your application in a different virtual directory/web site from the MS CRM application. You may also need to modify the web.config of the MSCRM web application to exclude some assembly references, but we'll deal with that when/if you get that problem.

    Have you tried to debug the application by stepping into the process? If this works, then your next step is to run trace's in your code and try determine where it is falling over.



    Monday, October 13, 2008 9:50 AM