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  • I screwed up the 160Gb hard drive of my laptop containing Windows 7 Professional but fotunately I do have an up to date backup on my WHS. So I downloaded the latest restore CD at http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=5587

    First problem was the 32-bit drivers so I downloaded these on a USB stick. After loading these I am able to login WHS and select my backup. I tried using disk manager to create a single partition of 152626Mb (the entire drive) and set it to active. Note that my backup is also 152626Mb in size and does not contain the 100Mb partition that others have been mentioning.

    However, it looks like I really need to use the option "Let the wizard fully restore the computer" in order to automatically recreate the volumes and partitions. The other option will not work as the volume size of a manually created and formatted partition will be 152625Mb, one mb to short to hold the backup... This also excludes other variations such as mounting the drive to another WHS client or to the WHS itself because this does not produce this automatic option.

    Unfortunately, after reaching 100% the restore produces the error "Unable to refresh Restore Wizard from your server" and the system volume has not been created. Since the error message suggests a version conflict between the WHS server and the restore CD I checked the ClientRestoreWizard.exe file on both the CD and the server (in "C:\Program Files\Windows Home Server"). The CD is version 2423 as was also mentioned on the download site but the server file appears to be version 3436.

    Could this cause the error message? If so, would there be a newer image somewhere? Or perhaps an alternative for the restore CD given that I do need the automatic recreation option for my system volume? Any other suggestions? I really need to restore this system volume as it holds all my recent work data. Thanks!

    Friday, October 14, 2011 6:19 PM