Motherboard Changed & I'm No Longer "User" RRS feed

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    A motherboard went out on my computer and when the computer repair people changed it and reinstalled my owned version of Windows XP they made up a user name "ZAOSSHSKIK" and it's frustrating... I feel like it's no longer 'my computer.'


    When I go to backup it wants to do do to my RW CD Drive instead of my external hard disk.  I try to change it in the One Care backup panel "change settings" and it won't let me because user owner "ZAOSSHSKIK" set up the backup plan and it won't let me change it.


    How can I become the user owner again and get rid of "ZAOSSHSKIK" and start controlling my settings?


    Also, the first motheboard they put in blew out because of a shorted USB connector (turns out that's what blew the original motherboard).  So when the second one was put in now One Care shows I have two computers in my circle, bothe with the same name, the evil "ZAOSSHSKIK".  I only have my one computer.  How can I delete the second one off One Care?

    Saturday, December 8, 2007 3:09 AM


  • To rename your PC open the Start Menu, right click My Computer, select Properties, select Computer Name, replace ZAOSSHSKIK with a name of your choosing, click Apply, click OK. Reboot your computer. Open One Care, select Your One Care Circle. You should see the newly renamed PC. Select each instance of ZAOSSHSKIK and select "Remove this PC from my One Care circle".

    Saturday, December 8, 2007 1:13 PM