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    to design a LAN for a small business which connects across a Wide Area Network (WAN). You will be presenting this design to technical and non-technical experts including the President, General Manager, and Technical Support Coordinator. The business is a clinical office that consists of 150 employees (150 nodes) with the possibility of opening two more branches within the end of the year with the same number of employees in each branch. Thus, in your design you must account for future growth with all LAN sites connecting to each other.

    The deliverables below must be included:
    1. Define your Network Topology.
    2. Define what Network hardware devices will be used.
    3. Define your communication media types (Cabled Network).
    4. Label what devices and protocols are used in the OSI model.
    5. Label your clients (workstations) and Servers.
    6. Wireless Access Points for wireless connectivity and Wireless Protocols.
    7. List and explain all possible Network and Routing communication protocols used.
    8. Define network addresses and subnet mask for the site using multiple subnets.
    9. Define all IP addresses for all computers and devices where applicable such as Routers.
    10. Define what network class will be implemented (Class A, B, or C) specifying an IP range.
    11. Define all subnet masks.
    12. Include items such DHCP, DNS, and Default Gateways.
    13. Implement multiple layers of network security (Describe what methods you would put in place to mitigate any risk).

    Tuesday, August 8, 2017 4:40 AM