I suspect I'm being lied to and WPA/WGA is meant to steal money from me/other users (Question and comment) RRS feed

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  • Correct me if I am wrong but I am wondering if Windows XP reaches EOL will you disable activation or will you force users to illegally crack Activation which is clearly bad businessmanship to force users to break the law to say Force users to Upgrade to Vista just so people won't goto prison?

    Heck many people I talk to will go back to Windows XP. They hate Vista. Even if they illegaly crack it they will do it just to not use Vista.

    Isn't your whole activation seriously messed up and hackers will just keep cracking it and activation seems pretty pointless. All it is doing is creating more illegal cracks and creating a legal battle here.

    We all buy Windows XP just to use it forever, and say put it on another computer that person also owns and operates.

    Say what if a home user owned 5 computers (1 for gaming, 1 for internet, 1 for non-internet activities, 1 for projects, and 1 for guests to simply just use the net but nothing else.

    What if you owned more then 1 computer but with WPA and WGA it restricts you to only 1 computer and makes you keep paying $200.

    Why can't you offer a discount for someone that has more then 1 computer or stop activation all together.

    Computers are so cheap anymore I bet it's not rare that a single user (in license) has more then one computer he wants to install Windows XP on.

    please don't ban me Microsoft but I suspect fowl play because I can't find your activation article anywhere where you said things like "We will release a Patch to circumvent activation once it reaches it's EOL" and stuff like "We will never use activation to force you to upgrade to a newer operating system".
    Friday, August 24, 2007 9:29 AM


  • Btalex1990:


    It took longer to read your rant than it took to Google for the quote you said you couldn't find:




    "Does Microsoft use activation to require me to upgrade? Will Microsoft ever stop issuing activation codes for one or more of the products that require activation?

    No. Microsoft does not use activation as a tool to require people to upgrade. Activation is only an anti-piracy tool.

    Microsoft will also support the activation of Windows XP and will likely provide an update that turns off activation at the end of the product's life cycle so that users would no longer have to activate the product."




    By the way, WPA and WGA aren't what is restricting you to one computer----Microsoft's Windows desktop Operating System has been licensed to consumers the exact same way since Windows 3.0 (if not back to MS-DOS):  One license, one installation, period.  WPA and WGA are simply a little more effective at enforcing the provisions of the End User Licensing Agreement than previous methods.


    Friday, August 24, 2007 12:06 PM