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    Hi - recently purchased a Windows 10 Enterprise E3 subscription and assigned to my organisational microsoft account but cannot get my device to update the Windows 10 edition from 'Pro' to 'Enterprise'?

    Scenario is:

    • Existing Windows 10 Pro installation on laptop, with local user account "Admin" (This account has been used for a long time with many programs and specific settings configured)
    • Existing Microsoft account for Office 365 Pro Plus  "niall@***"  with organisational setup/AD "niall@***" (Not too sure about these accounts and how they relate to each to other - sometimes it's the "...@***" address I need to use to access some portal, sometimes it's the "...@***" account)
    • Purchased a Windows 10 Enterprise E3 subscription via '' using the "niall@***" address - all went well and "Windows 10 Enterprise E3" shows up alongside my Office 365 Pro Plus in listed subscriptions attached to my account
    • Attached the existing Windows 10 Pro installation to "Work or School Account" in the Settings app - using the "niall@***" address - didn't quite go as expected - instead of creating an additional account/login method it essentially took over my existing "Admin" account. After a restart I had to sign in using my "niall@***" credentials, but the settings, applications and desktop were from my existing "Admin" account - which no longer exists, or at least has had it's password changed?
    • After making sure all updates were applied and performing multiple restarts, logging in with my "niall@***" account, Windows confirms I'm definitely connected to my Microsoft account but the Windows 10 edition has stayed at Pro rather than becoming "Enterprise"? Going to '' I can see my laptop, can confirm "Join Type" is "Azure AD Joined", and that the edition is "Pro"

    How do I get the Windows edition to become Enterprise? Looking at step-by-step guides I think I may have made a mistake when adding "Work or School Account" in the 4th point above - I think I should have clicked " Join this device to Azure Active Directory" rather than just entering my account details? (See

    I would "disconnect" from my attached account now and retry but unfortunately I can't as the existing "Admin" local account has either been disabled or password change - either way I no longer have any local account credentials. I could create a new local account to get around this but then surely I'll lose access to my existing account with all my apps and settings configured? Really really don't want to have to do a re-install.

    Beyond frustrated with this and the whole Microsoft account confusion so apologies if any of this is unclear, any help would be greatly appreciated!


    Thursday, October 17, 2019 11:19 PM