Microsoft Data base for Appsheet RRS feed

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  • <p>Hopefully this is the right spot.</p><p>I work for a substance abuse treatment facility, and we have begun to migrate into appsheet, for various daily functions. We have the functions broken into 2 sections. To shorten the length of this question, i have information about both interfacing mobile apps below:</p><p><a href="https://eudaimoniahomes.com/sober-living/sober-living-client-mobile-app/">https://eudaimoniahomes.com/sober-living/sober-living-client-mobile-app/</a></p><p>When we initially set up the process, we used google sheets. Functionally, it works fine, but we have ran into a few issues using it as a data base, primarily the limit of rows a sheet can use.</p><p>Appsheet does have the ability to use the microsoft data base. Before making a large move, I was hoping for a few experience shares:</p><ol><li>Does the microsoft database operate similar to ghseets</li><li>If there a storage or capacity limit</li></ol><p>Thanks in advance for any experience you have.</p>
    Friday, April 24, 2020 9:02 PM