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    1- Searching - doesn't show results when there are clearly matching posts. eg look at this forum you'll see posts with BHO in the title, but they're not found if you search on 'bho'.  Similarly taking a few words I find in some posts (eg synchronize) and searching on them brings back no posts. Kinda important!
    2- Searching - when you search within a forum your search string gets changed to something unreadable like "bho meta:Search.MSForums.ForumID(46f63ce5-4a0c-4354-9ca8-82ea8d765775)". Would be much better to read "bho forum:Internet-Explorer-Extension-Development" or similar.
    3- When I Submit a reply to an existing thread the section of the window with my reply disappears (correctly), but my reply doesn't show up on the thread. I have to refresh the page manually to see it, otherwise it appears as if my reply has just disappeared.
    4- Format Code Block doesn't have an option for C++
    5- If I type some code, select it, then click Format Code Block it puts "<br>" in place of newlines. Very annoying!
    6- The 'hyperlink manager' takes a while to load. Long enough I'm put off using it, even though it's just a matter of about 1s. I like that you can open it with CTRL-K, perhaps it would be good to put that in the tooltip text of the button.
    7- When I click on the Hyperlink Manager I can't immediately paste my link using CTRL-V. I don't know where focus is but it should be put into the url box, and then ENTER should perform the OK action.
    8- The Internet Explorer Extension Development forum still shows a sticky 'Forum Lockdown Notice' which incorrectly says posts are disabled.
    9- Forums are currently showing an alert at the top relating to scheduled maintenance for yesterday.
    10- I'm not receiving email alerts to a new post I just created and have had a reply from.
    11- The forums don't say which email will be used for email alerts. I'm guessing it's the same as the windows live email address as there's no way I can see to edit it in the Forums profile.
    12- I just changed my Display Name and while threads I created show up in my profile, when I look at the thread it shows my old display name as the Thread Starter, and clicking through on that profile name doesn't take me to a profile. Perhaps this is just caching or desired behaviour, which I guess is fine.
    13- The thread-listing for a forum doesn't correctly show the latest post, perhaps it's caching a little bit too much. eg Last reply on top thread here is wrong as a more recent post was added over an hour ago. I've tried force-refreshing my browser and using a different browser, to no avail.

    (I'm using Firefox 3 on XP)


    - Rory
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  • Rory,
    I moved your post to the forums feedback forum as it seems most relevant here.

    MSDN and TechNet Subscriptions Support
    Friday, December 19, 2008 2:23 PM
  • Hello,

    For myself, you are right about the points 1 and 2 ( the worst is Live Search which is an horror )

    Point 3 : i was thinking the same thing like you upto i discovered that there is an automatic refresh after 5 or 10 seconds ( maybe the time necessary to register the reply, reread the database where all the replies are stored , to build the new page and display it ( i have not too much this problem when i am posting the morning before 8:00 for the americans , i am in Europe and it is easy )

    Point 4 : VC++ = VC# ( it could be precised ). Both are coming from C

    Point 13 : exact and really annoying ( we could think that the reply is not kept ). Caching : odd , a thread has been updated 3 or 4 days later....

    Point 9 : the alert has been visible 3 days. But nothing about lockdowns of one hour  3 days ago.Maybe it would be nice to create automatically a post on each forum which has been lockdown ( and not to maintain after a certain slice of time ) 

    There are some things to better the new forums ( but they are easier to use ) but for the moment, it is the period of Christmas/New Year , and maybe the MSDN forums teams might hope some rest and holidays.

    Well, "wait and see"

    Have a nice day
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    Saturday, December 20, 2008 6:15 PM