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  • I have never had worse customer support from a company than this one... like wow i'm shocked. I have literally been calling them for help for 2 days with what i believe is a pretty simple question regarding columns and tables. They have sent me to every which support team (to which they all have equal knowledge of each other) and tell me different answers every time its insane. They referred me to the "tech specialist" (specialist is a very strong word) and then they refereed me to the "PRO Tech Specialist " To which he tried to refer me back to the "tech specialists" . like maybe im getting the names of these departments wrong but who really cares they literally say the same thing to you in every department. You just keep repeating the same thing to every person that you say to the AI in the beginning of the call... its ridiculous and then they just try to refer you to someone else or tell you to go to there website... i remembered from the call form yesterday that you can get support for a $30 fee and i refused to pay that ridiculous money grabbing fee as they probably wouldn't even fix it, but i was desperate enough today to pay so i could actually get an answer besides them asking me the same questions over and over. The guy i was speaking to was trying to tell me there is no such thing as this $30 service and now i'm livid mad, so i started saying "there has to be some form of help in there like someone has to actually know something about word in there" to which he replied "ill ask my supervisor" and now he comes back and of course there is a $30 service they offer to help with this (money grab) and he said he just needs me to be on hold for  a few minutes. I stay on hold for about 5 - 10 minutes, buddy answers the phone says "hey i explained you satiation to our office support tech specialist and they will help you further" i talk to this other guy for him to ask me what my problem is.... like wow what is going on in there. I explain everything again to this guy and he puts me on hold for another 10 minutes finally answers the phone and guess what? he gets half way through saying "hello thanks fo...." accidentally hangs the phone up and i have to start again. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY FIX THIS MISERABLE EXCUSE OF A SUPPORT TEAM. 
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