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  • I have a scenario as following:

    1. I have a custom ribbon button displayed on the "dashboards" ribbon
    2. On-clicking the ribbon button an external web service is invoked & a response is received
    3. The response could be accepted or rejected (Simple Text Response)
    4. If the response is "Accepted" I would like to change the custom button text


    • I have been told to make a custom entity with a custom field
    • Then I am told to store the response in that custom field
    • Then I am told to read that custom entity filed value
    • Then I am told to change the text of button or enable/disable the button
    • I am asked to use the "ClientGlobalContext.js.aspx"

    Can someone guide me how to use this and if there is any other way of achieving the task? I am using

    "Ribbon Workbench" for customizing the ribbon.

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  • Hi Absaar,

    There is no supported way of changing the label on a button - but what you can do is add two buttons - one that will be the first one displayed, and the second will be displayed after the first is clicked. We call the webservice using the 'CommandPattern' :

    1. Add a custom attribtue to your entity called 'new_command' (or something)

    2. Add a button that has a command that calls a javascript webresource function called 'call_service' 

    3. Add a Display Rule to button 1 with a Value Rule (Field='new_command', Value='Accepted', Invert Result=true)

    4. Add a 2nd button that has a command with a Display Rule that contains a similar Value Rule to Button 1, but with Invert Result = false.

    5. In the 'call_service' javascript, set the new_command field to 'Invoke' (or something). This is just a flag that will be picked up by a plugin. Then call Xrm.Page.data.entity.save()

    6. Create a plugin using the Developer Toolkit (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh372957.aspx) that has  step registered on update of your entity

    7. In the plugin , check for the new_command attribute changing to 'Invoke' then call your custom webservice.

    8. Update the target entity new_command to be the result

    9. When the form is refreshed, if the value is 'Accepted' then your 2nd ribbon button will be displayed.



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