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  • I have had to contact customer support on multiple occasions now. The support it self is superb but the information given to me by previous customer support representatives appear to leave out information or aren't 100% sure on many subjects of concern.

    I have had an Xbox since I was 12, I am 22 now and I am currently not happy with the overall support I have recieved in matter of disinformation or not knowing what to really do. 95% of my friends went from Xbox 360 to PS4, but I stuck with Xbox One because you have a better community and what I believe to be better games and company, but now I am slowly doubting my decision to stick with Xbox.

    In a ten day period I have now had to contact customer support 3 times. The first time was due to Xbox System problems that when I contacted customer support I alerted that I have done all necessary troubleshoot solutions (aka. Hold power button and unplug power cord for 30 seconds. Clearing the cache from the CD/Blue Ray player. Reseting Console) and the customer support appeared to not listen to my concerns and told me to do it again. The problems I had with my console concerned with freezing at random intervals, games would reboot randomly during gameplay, and apps wouldn't function properly. 

    After the first conversation was finished and the problems persisted I contacted customer support again and the help was great, because they advised that due to the reaquiring problem that I should have it fixed by sending my console in. The downside to this was I asked on two occasions how long the process would take and the support representative told me a few days. Which prompted me to decline the repair model where I could get a replacement console until my console was fixed. A few days after sending console into repair I check the repair status of my console and it says that it will take two to three weeks for repair. So now with my third contact with customer support for being told disinformation about the repair of my console I was told sorry and that I they could only give me a free months worth of Xbox Live for my problems.

    I have had an xbox for over ten years and since I was 12 my father only allowed me to have a console if I could pay with my own money, so I did. I have had one Xbox, three Xbox 360's due to the red ring of death, and now an Xbox One. When Xbox One was first announced and had bad advertising I who payed with my own money since I was 12 which would be over $6,000 and a Xbox Live Gold member for over 6 years. I stuck with Xbox One even though all my friends jump ship to PS4. 

    I love the Xbox community and I love Xbox and Microsoft's commitment to the player, but as a customer who has had this tough almost two weeks with Xbox and Microsoft I am very dissapointed with my service and support, and I am now considering that might get a PS4 as non of my friends have had a problem yet (besides the PSN being hacked).

    Wednesday, September 3, 2014 5:34 PM


  • xBox support is through the xBox forums here...


    PC problems relating to xBox are dealt with here...


     - but the WGA forums have nothing to do with xBox, or MS support services, so I'm moving this thread to the 'Where is the forum for...?' forum for other potential responses.

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