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  • Hello everyone,

    I've been struggling for a while and decided to create an account here to ask a question. First of all Hi :) Nice to meet you all.

    What I'm looking for is actually quite simple if you think about it, however it's harder than I expected. I want to retrieve a certain data from a (I'm using Httpwebrequest, but everything is welcome). Whenever I do so I don't get the data I want. Lets take this page as an example :

    (can't use hyperlink yet)

    Whenever you do CTRL + U (view page source) You'll see this when searching for "Product description".

     <div class="ui-box product-description-main" id="j-product-description">
            <div class="ui-box-title">Product Description</div>
            <div class="ui-box-body">
                <div class="description-content" data-role="description" data-spm="1000023">
                <div class="loading32"></div>

    As you can see there's <div class="loading32">. Which is supposed to be loaded if you scroll down. However even if you do scroll down and look up the page source you'll still see loading32 in there.

    Using google chrome dev tools you'll see the proper HTML codes. Text inside the description saying "IMPORTANT NOTICE":

    <span style="margin: 0.0px;padding: 0.0px;border: 0.0px;font-style: inherit;font-weight: inherit;font-size: inherit;line-height: inherit;vertical-align: baseline;background-color: #ffff00;">IMPORTANT NOTICE:</span>

    It does work with the devtools but not with httpwebrequest and or by retrieving webbrowser1.documenttext after the page has been loaded. I've been googling for a while I bet this has been asked before but I really can't seem to find it.

    Any help is much appreciated :)



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  • Hi _Samo,

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  • I think that HtmlWebRequest will give you the initial contents of HTML, but if the page is built by JavaScript, then you need a corresponding engine. The WebBrowser control is able to execute JavaScript. However DocumentText still returns the original source. In order to get the current HTML with JavaScript results, wait until the contents is loaded, then examine this property: webBrowser1.Document.Body.OuterHtml.

    Monday, January 9, 2017 6:59 AM