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  • hi,

    when you install crm router is it possible that it works when exchange server
    and crm server are in 2 different domains?.

    also after installing email router why is this error coming and what could we do
    to stop it?.

    Message: [Subject:'test' From:'' To:'"
    crmqueue@support.com>' CC:' in mailbox: [CRMServerUrl:'http://[Server Name]/'
    EmailServer:'[Exchange server name]' EmailAccount:'crmqueue'
    ForceReDelivery:'False'] has no single attachment.

    Hope i get an answer quickly.

    thanks in advanced,

    Friday, June 22, 2007 4:48 AM


  • Hi,


    The CRM and Exchange could be in different domains if this domains are sharing the same root domain, or if CRM's domain has an explicit trust relationship with Exchange's domain. On of the reasons is that the account that runs the email router must be included in the PrivUserGroup (created in the AD during CRM's installation) to be able to track emails in CRM.


    About the error. How do you have configured the email router? What is the name for the CRM mail box? Are you sending emails to the CRM mail box? Have in mind that the CRM mail box can't be used at the same time as a mail box for a CRM queue or a CRM user.


    Hope this helps

    Tuesday, June 26, 2007 11:31 PM