Trouble with both WLOC & Qwest broadband....Can someone help me? PLEASE!!! RRS feed

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  • WLOC is on my 2nd line for the computer.


    My WLOC expired on 9-21-2007 so I installed the new disc on my computer line on 9-2-2007 to renew it for one year which would make it expire on 9-21-2008. Microsoft had BIG problems in late 2007 when they sent emails saying everyones WLOC accounts had been cancelled in error & they extended everyones WLOC for 3 months & my subscription shows it now expires on 12-21-2008.


    I called Qwest on 9/29/2007 to put DSL on my 2nd line which is the computer line...of course they screwed the order up & put it on the first line.........I had to refer it to a VP at Qwest to get it fixed & get DSL on the 2nd line but the person had to do it over the phone  & walk me throught the installation without installing the disc.


    WLOC shows green but when I click on virus & spyware monitoring & do a complete scan it shows


    Software                                                                       Category                   Severity

    Adware:Win32/Internet Speed Monitoring                         Adware                     High


    Trojan:Win32/Delf.UC                                                     Trojan                       Severe


    Trojan:Win32/Bohmini.A                                                 Trojan                      Severe


    I want to know if there is someone at Microsoft who can fix this problem once & for all. 


    Qwest is telling me:


    The windows Live One Care you currently have installed will need to be removed first. Please copy and paste this link in the internet explorer:
    Be sure you are signed out of the MSN software, or the One Care link will not be visible at the http://member.q.com site.
    After removing the version of One Care currently on the computer, browse to http://member.q.com and scroll down the page to near the bottom and click the download for One Care (shows $49.95 value).  When you download and install this version of One Care, it is part of your subscription with Qwest, and it will not expire as long as you have the DSL package with Qwest. Once the new One Care is installed, open the icon, click activate and follow the prompts to enter your primary email address and password. This will activate the full security suite for the One Care.
    I don't trust Qwest anymore........................




















    Monday, November 3, 2008 2:35 AM


  • If you wish to use the free subscription that comes with your Qwest subscription, their instructions are correct. You need to remove OneCare, reinstall it from their link and activate with your Qwest LiveID, I believe it is in the form of name@q.com, for your primary Qwest account.


    As for the threats detected, if your status is green, then these threats have been either quarantined or deleted during the full scan, or they are contained within your mail store, probably as an attachment, and cannot be removed by OneCare. They are dormant, in the latter case, and pose no risk until/unless you open the message and execute the infected attachment, though OneCare will likely block the infection at that point.



    Monday, November 3, 2008 4:04 PM