adobe flash player keeps telling me to down load it fowls me to every web site .at top of page alittlebar flash tells me to down load RRS feed

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  • wy dose adobe flash player keep telling me to down load  and why dose it come up on every site that igo to 1 ive tryed to down load be for it dident work so i uninstalled  all  but now its be come a pain because youcan click on the x and will disapere for about a minit and then come right back 2 also seems to have some kind affect on computer  ok say ther is a viedo on web page frist i click on it it will play very good the nex time it tellsme thati have to download flash player
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  • The forum you posted to is for the discussion of Microsoft Security Essentials antimalware. You can get help with Adobe Flash Player here - http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/


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