Workflow to trigger Internal Emails RRS feed

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  • All documentation I have found says that the Create Email option in the Workflow Manager by default sends an email to the Related Account/Contact and this is not always the desired effect. For instance, if we want to send an email to sales managers when an Opportunity is saved as Closed - Won, then the logical method would be to create a workflow to trigger an Internal Email to send using an email template like the out-of-the-box Closed Opportunity Notification. However, testing this method always sends an email to the Related Customer entity email address. The goal is to send an email internally with the account name, opportunity amount and things such as that nature withou CCing the customer directly because it's strictly an internal communication.


    What would be the best way to create and maintain a workflow to send an email to a specific list of email addresses or users? Seems like a very common request. Thanks.


    - Aaron

    Monday, March 3, 2008 10:06 PM