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  • Hello,

    I am reading a lot in this forum about sync. It must be fantastic. I look a round for any tutorial, but I haven't found one. Let me tell me the story about the new program I want to write.

    I am working on a campsite in France. When there is a problem like a Mobilehome isn't clean. The person who is working on the reception write a note and the one how is going to fix it will be called. This is not a really good thing.

    I like to write an program in Visual Basic that allow the person who is working at the reception write the task in an program. This program will use a database (Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5) to store the task. The person who is working at the campsite will see the task at his mobile phone (Windows mobile 6) He will fix the task and the reception can see in the application that the task is done.

    So I need a database who is synchronized whit the one in the mobile phone. The mobile phone can work offline and online. By online the database will be synchronized to the one in the reception. I work with Windows XP and I have if this is nesseare a mysql database at one hostingserver (LINUX)

    Can somebody help me or give some idears to mak this real

    Thnak you so much

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