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  • Is there any way to find a person's ranking in their field? For example, it would be great if when you clicked on the field next to a person, it would jump to the right page of the listing where that person is, so it was possible to find out their ranking. Otherwise, it is pretty much impossible if they aren't on the first page to find their ranking.
    Thursday, January 16, 2014 3:36 AM

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  • Hi BradAMyers,

    Currently in MAS there is no way like the way you suggested using "clicked on the field next to a person" but you can get the list of ranking based on the selected Domain or Subdomain.

    Domains are the ones listed under "All Fields of Study" on the MAS homepage. When you click on any domain, you go to the domain's page where the domain's subdomains are listed under "All Fields of Study" there. On clicking on any of the subdomains you will see the subdomain's page.

    When on a domain's page you can see the rank list of authors of that domain. On a subdomain's page you can see the rank list of authors of that subdomain. Each rank list has a "show more" link which will take you to the page showing the whole-rank-list in pages.

    For eg. domain page of the "Computer Science" domain is at "http://academic.research.microsoft.com/?SearchDomain=2&entitytype=2" and its subdomain "Software Engineering" is at "http://academic.research.microsoft.com/?SearchDomain=2&SubDomain=4&entitytype=2" . Notice the "show more" link at the end of the rank list on both the pages.

    So, based on the domain and subdomain or your interest you can go to a particular ranking list in MAS.

    Unfortunately, currently there is no way to search a particular author in these lists so you will have to check out the list page by page.

    Please contact us in case of further assistance.


    Thursday, January 16, 2014 1:33 PM