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  •   Hi, I have modified the MAC layer protocol, which transfers several frames to the RCB at the same time. But during the transmission, I found a fatal problem, i.e., SoraURadioTransfer failed, always came to happen. Especially, when I met this problem, Sora was unable to transfer any frames any more even if I reset Sora. Now, the only way I can find to retransmit frames with Sora is to uninstall the PCIE and HWTest driver and then reopen the PC. I have doubly check my protocol and make sure the frames that have been successfully sent out are free by calling SoraURadioFree function. I'm puzzled why transfering would fail? The HRESULT when transfer failed is 0x80050003! What is this result mean?

      What's more, when SoraURadioTransfer or SoraURadioTx is called and return S_OK, can we make sure that the whole frame has been successfully transferred or sent out? May it comes to happen that the frame is still being transferred or sent by the antenna and the function has returned?

      Hope to get your answer quickly!


    Wednesday, December 25, 2013 1:07 PM

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  • Hello, It is hard to tell what exactly happened base on your description. Could you post the code segment you have modified. Usually, SoraURadioTransfer, SoraURadioTx, and SoraURadioFree are called within the same routine or function. Did you try to call SoraURadioTransfer in one function and use SoraURadioTx in somewhere else or even in the different thread? Thanks Muye
    Thursday, December 26, 2013 8:26 AM