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  • Some time back, WLOC took to scheduling chkdsk on c: drive on startup on my machine. Because it's a large drive (C:/ drive on my machine is not my boot or program drive - simply a storage drive), this takes an hour or so every time the machine restarts. My machine hardlly ever gets turned off, but (with murphy's law in play) the times I really need it in a hurry, I usually find that some automatic update or other has restarted it in my absence. D'oh! Here's the thing - even if i'm present when it restarts, I can't cancel the chkdsk - hitting any key doesn't work - and chkdsk will run completely and never come back with a single error, yet when I look into WLOC, chkdsk is STILL scheduled to run at the next startup. Is there a way to de-select or reset this setting in WLOC?  I can't find the option, and am about to uninstall WLOC in desperation.  In all honesty, I have been relatively pleased with onecare, but it's about to expire - I'm wondering whether to ditch it and try something else.  Please advise.  Thanks for your time.

    Saturday, February 16, 2008 8:17 PM