client ip configurations and custom subnets RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    I am studying for the Network + exam, and i am trying to better understand subnetting.

    I (pretty much) understand how to extend an original/default /24 subnet mask by 2 bits, and how that "makes" a /26 subnet mask, and also makes 4 new network ids.

    eg, if my original/default network id was, and i extended the subnet mask by 2 bits to make it a /26 subnet...these would be the 4 new network ids, host ranges, and broadcast addresses

    network id,..............host range..............................broadcast address - - - -

    if i had actually had 4 separate networks like this, and i had pcs/hosts on each of them, what would i give those hosts for their subnet mask and their default gateway? eg i know what the ip address range would be, but i dont know what the sm and dg would be.

    for the default gateway, I think if i had a router connecting the 4 new network id's, that router interface would need an IP address that was in that network id's host range, and then that router's interface's IP would be the client's default gateway. ...i think this is right..

    But I'm still confused about the subnet mask the clients would get because if i convert a /26 subnet to dotted decimal, it would be, and that matches the 4th new network id.

    In fact, if i looked at the new binary subnet masks as i figured out the new ip address host ranges, it seems the subnet mask was always the same as that network id.

    Would be the subnet mask for all the new network ids?
    Is it possible for the subnet mask and the network id to be the same thing?
    Or am i missing something entirely?

    Any help, or direction to any other help, would be greatly appreciated!

    Thursday, September 5, 2019 10:46 PM