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  • I am on my fourth copy of OneCare and third install of WindowsXP... I've been told time and time again how 'wonderful' OneCare is and how few problems people have with it... Then I looked in the forums...
    Every time I have ever tried to log on and make a pc a hub pc, I recieve the same error message: 80048884

    I have created new Live ID's
    Reinstalled OneCare (Multiple times)
    Reinstalled, then Bought new WindowsXP discs
    Called support
    Tried online support
    Let support 'Take over' my pc
    Sent it in to 'get fixed'
    Tried it on mutliple computers
    Have yet to meet anyone with a VALID fix to this problem

    What exactly is this problem? I've asked so many different support people and all they tell me is "It's technical, but we can fix it..."
    Nearly FOUR YEARS LATER, I am STILL waiting!
    I have been on many lists and 'queue' to find a solution, but have only been contacted ONCE in the entire time.
    And it was to tell me that the problem was fixed, but when I tried to log in and make my pc a HubPC,
    error code: 80048884
    I contacted support once more, and was told the closed my case because they misplaced my info... But asked if I would like to begin the process again. With little better to do, I did. That was 6 months ago, and no response from them whatsoever. They don't even take my calls or respond to my emails any more.
    I'm about ready to set my computer on fire and catapult it right into Bill Gates face!
    Is there ANYONE AT ALL who can fix this?
    Wednesday, May 6, 2009 3:24 AM

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  • The best that I can offer is a link to help information for this error:

    There is something about your LiveID account or environment that is causing your issue if it is happening consistently with multiple PCs after clean installs of the operating system and different LiveIDs and subscriptions to OneCare.

    It is not a common problem, being reported here in the forums only rarely in the years since OneCare was first released. It is a login issue of some sort, possibly credentials releated.

    Personally, as long as all else is working in OneCare, I'd give up on trying to resolve the error when trying to make the PC a hub PC. There really isn't much advantage to the OneCare Circle to spend hours troubleshooting it. Also, be sure to check out the announcement at the top of the General topic folder. OneCare is going away.

    If you have any case numbers for your support contacts and can post them here, I'll forward them to Microsoft for investigation as it sounds like your support experience was pretty bad.


    Microsoft MVP Windows Live / Windows Live OneCare & Live Mesh Forum Moderator
    Wednesday, May 6, 2009 1:37 PM