CRM 2011 Subgrid Add Existing button missing RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    It seems I have the opposite issue of others when it comes to Sub Grids. I have a custom entity that has a one to many relationship with the case entity. The Case entity has a lookup to the custom entity. When I look at the sub grid on the custom entity it has the add new case but it is missing the add existing case.

    We need the add existing case. Am I doing something wrong with the relationship type? Any help would be appreciated.

    Jason Cosman
    Thursday, October 27, 2011 2:33 PM


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  • <del>Add Existing Case button is available only for Many-To-Many relationships.</del>

    Sorry about giving incorrect reply earlier. "Add New Entity" and "Add Existing Entity" buttons will be shown if you change "Requirement Level" of Custom Entity Lookup attribute from "Business Required" to either "None" or "Business Recommended".


    MaKeer | myencounterwithcrm.wordpress.com | CRM2011 User Settings Utility | CRM2011 Lookup Preview | CRM2011 Lookup Attribute Mapping | CRM2011 TreeView Control (Beta)
    Thursday, October 27, 2011 5:16 PM
  • Hi,


    I got same problem as Jason. I need "Add Existing Case" button to custom entitys Case grid. But there is only "Add New Case" button.


    Makarands answer doesn't work for me. Does somebody know why there is no "Add Existing Case" button when You create N:1 relationship from Case to another entity? And how do I get it because I need It?



    Thursday, February 2, 2012 7:43 AM
  • Jani,

    This is strange, I tried it many times at it works perfectly for me. May be you can try re-publishing customization after you remove mandatory check from Case entity.


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    Thursday, February 2, 2012 9:15 AM
  • Hi Makarand,

    I cannot figure it out. I dont got the "Add existing Case" button. Only "Add new Cace". If I try Opportunities I got "Add existing Opportunity" and "Add new Opportunity" buttons. I have also tryed in different CRM Organizations but result is the same.

    Does anyone know what is coulc be different with Case entity?


    Tuesday, February 7, 2012 6:50 AM
  • Hello,

    This issue is occurring for me with an out of the box relationship (primarycustomerid field on the contact entity), which is hiding the "Add Existing Contact" button on the account entity. I have tried setting this field as not required which did display the button, but this field needs to be required for data reasons.

    Do you have any idea as to what is causes this issue or any other potential workarounds?


    Monday, April 23, 2012 2:07 AM
  • Hi Tully

    If the Account ID on a contact record is Required, CRM can "assume" that all contact records were created with an Account ID. On the account form, there would be no need to associate an existing contact record with the account because all of the contacts should already have an account (it was required at the time of adding the contact record, right?). Well a workflow that creates contact records can ignore or override the required property on the Account ID field. Then when you find you need to associate these new contact records without an account to an account, you don't have the option because the add existing button is gone.

    The only solution I've found in a very similar situation is to make the Account ID field business recommended. Then you will have to run regular searches for Contacts without an account as part of system qa routines and update them accordingly.


    Saturday, October 20, 2012 6:15 PM