Maximum number of connections through NetScalers RRS feed

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  • We have two OCS pools set up for the company, one in Asia, one in North America.  They both server roughly 15,000 users.  We have Citrix NetScalers in front of each pool.  On the back-end we have a pair of servers.  Starting last week, the Americas pool started capping the number of concurrent users at almost exactly 6100, or about 3050 per front-end server.  We can't say that more concurrent users than that were allowed the week before, as we hadn't noticed (we are still rolling out clients to more regions, so we may just have more active users in the time zone now.)  We've been going through everything we can find for a reason, and it appears to be an issue with the NetScalers.  They are configured for 25000 concurrent connections though.

    Has anyone seen anything like this, rolled OCS out with NetScalers, or have any suggestions?  We are going to be setting up an additional MIP on the NetScalers to bring the number of concurrent connections per IP down starting tonight, but any other suggestions would be welcome.
    Wednesday, January 21, 2009 11:32 PM