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  • Does anyone know how to delete items from the "actions to take" NAG bands at the top of Live One Care????!!!!!!   I have two yellow bands at the top of my One Care.  One says I NEED to update to IE 7, well..... if they hadn't screwed it up, I would,  but untill I can put things where "I" want them, like I can with IE6, then I'm NOT switching & I don't need some (Removed) nag bar to constantly tell me I NEED to do this.  If I could move buttons & address bars etc... up & down where I want them like I can on IE6 I would swithch.  But since they took away the users ability to make the top bar the way "I" want it, they can keep 7.

    Next NAG item to remove, the second yellow bar which says I need to "Remove Interfering Programs",   well I don't keep Ad-Aware 2007 running or active full time, I run it when I want to perform an extra level of cleaning on my system, one that Live One Care  doesn't.  So since Microsoft doesn't have the sense to fix One Care to determine that AdAware isn't running full time, they stick me with a NAG bar which says I NEED to remove this program.  UH...NO......I don't NEED to remove AdAware, I NEED to remove the NAG Band in One Care!    If One care would perform at the same level as AdAware & SpyBot I would'nt need those programs, but One Care does NOT perform at that level, if fact it doesn't seem to even perform at the same level as the FREE screen that Micro Trends provides because Housecall constantly shows me issues that One Care does not.  But I digress......  so does anyone know how to remove these two NAG Bands at the top of One Care?  Since Microsoft is too (Removed) busy worrying how to make a buck ranther than to answer e-mails themselves.  Please feel free to write me direct at ky_que at yahoo dot com.  

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  • You cannot edit the list or remove items from it. Your status will remain at risk until you perform both actions.

    1. You must use IE7 (or even better, IE8) as IE6 is not as secure as the updated version. If you choose to continue to use IE6, your PC is at risk. If you use an alternate browser, you must still update IE as other programs use components of IE.
    2. AdAware will conflict with OneCare as long as it is installed on the PC. This was discussed at length when AdAware updated to the 2007 version. There is an always on component to AdAware that causes the issue. In the worst case, OneCare will crash and you will be left with no protection.
    It sounds to me like you need to switch to a different security suite if you are not happy with the performance of OneCare.
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