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  • I thought I would post this in case there were others out there wondering if WHS would work on their older, slower hardware.

    I had an old Intel SRK-A4 server shoved away in the closet gathering dust, so I thought I would re-commision it into service as our new WHS server. Aside from the install taking several hours, I have not had a single problem, kudos Microsoft for making this quite painless indeed! Here are the hardware specs in case anyone is interested:

    4 x 500MHz PIII Xeon w/ 1MB cache


    5 x 36GB SCSI-II drives

    Onboard Intel Pro/100 NIC

    It is low on drive space, considering what some of you are doing out there, but it gets the job done quite nicely so I'm not about to upgrade it anytime soon. Just thought I'd post to say that a WHS box can be built on a shoestring budget!

    Friday, March 2, 2007 5:20 PM