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  • Our organization currently has a small Dynamics CRM 4.0 implementation in-house (only 4 users). It was relatively easy to setup and with so few users hasn't been difficult to maintain.

    However, they now want to access it via their phones (they all use iPhones). We are a financial services provider, but because of what we do, I've been able to totally avoid any internet-facing web applications on my network, until this. We have a ton of compliance issues that are a concern. So for me, punching a hole in my network for a 4 user web app seems less secure than hosting on-line, especially because we will not be storing any account or ss# info, just contact information for our leads. However, certain people in management seem to think it is less secure to do the online and are especially nervous about it being stored on "shared servers".

    Wether  I select on-premise or online, I am also planning to do this with 2011 - if we're going to change our architecture, I might as well upgrade.

    So, I have searched everywhere and really don't see much out there to alleviate the security fears for either of these implementations. I read the security white paper for online CRM, but it is still a bit weak. Does anyone else have thoughts on this?

    Thursday, January 26, 2012 5:23 AM

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