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  • HI,

    I am trying to do a sync between MS SQL Server 2005 database and MS SQL CE compact database 3.5 sp1. 

    Client Application:

    Client application a console application, which will generate .sdf file from ms sql server database table using ms synchronization services for ado.net v1 sp1 for devices.

    Problem scenario:

    MS sql server table, which is having 300,000 records.

    Doing Synchronization using custom change tracking example of SyncComm of Codeplex. I am using GZIP compression mechanism also.

    I have sync group, where i specified only one table(that is this table) and Sync batch size of 10.

    So, when i starts the console application, the size of aspnet_wp.exe will grow continuously. after some point of time i will get an error saying out of memory exception and application closes. but, aspnet_wp.exe will be of 700 mb size and it will be dangling like that in the memory. So, i think MS Sync service is not doing any garbage collection, if any error occurs.

    please advise me, how to solve this problem

    Thanks in advance,





    Friday, December 10, 2010 3:15 AM

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  • am assuming you're using WCF thus the aspnet_wp.exe. you might want to check your remote provider in the WCF side as well as your WCF settings.
    Monday, December 13, 2010 3:47 PM