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  • I have two tables, [A] and [B]. I want to join both tables on the [City] column from table [A] and [Cities renown for] column from table [B].

    So the [City] column from table [A] looks like this.




    New York  

    Los Angeles 

    and the [Cities renown for] column from table [B] looks like this.

    [Cities renown for] 


    New York_Status of Liberty

    Orlando_Disney World

    Los Angeles_Hollywood

    My tables have about ten thousand rows each and I want to match the columns based on the city names like Orlando = Orlando_Disney World

    So I have written my query like this.

    Select a.[City]

    from [A] as a

    inner join [B] as b

    on a.[City] = b.[Cities renown for]   

    where a.[City] = b.[Cities renown for]   

    I know I am doing the last two lines wrong but don't know really how to fix it

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