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    We currently do not have a domain and therefore I can't use Group Policy to manage network shares... 

    I'm working on bringing up an AD Domain and a traditional file server, in the meantime I'm trying to utilize a QNAP NAS as a file server for the company, I've setup shares and can map to them - even using command line, however, when I've attempted to insert a startup batch file to do this for me, it fails...

    after correcting for the new Windows 10 ways of handling startup items (i.e. create lnk to the actual batch file and adding some registry entries to "authenticate' the startup item) I'm still getting an error when executing the command.

    I've started a powershell as admin to run the batch file and view the error, here's the result:

    PS F:\STORAGE> .\Q-MapedDrive-Board.batSystem error 86 has occurred.The specified network password is not correct.

    Copying the text from the batch file and pasting it in succeeds with no issue. 

    I've adjusted the context of the batch a few different ways, all results are the same (doesn't work when run as a batch, works when typed in/pasted in manually). 

    I'm using this command currently:

    net use <drive letter>: \\<IP.of.QNAP.NAS>\<share> "password" /USER:"<NETBIOSNAMEofNAS>\<Username>"

    but I've tried:

    net use <drive letter>: \\<FQDNofNAS>\<share> "password" /USER:"<NETBIOSNAMEofNAS>\<Username>"

    net use <drive letter>: \\<IP.of.QNAP.NAS>\<share> /USER:"username" <password>

    Wednesday, January 30, 2019 4:06 PM