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  • Are the back-ups also dulpicated and nicely spread over my 2 (or eventually more) harddisks?

    Currently the back-up space on WHS is that small (I know it uses single instance, but with one laptop it takes up the same amount of data as on my laptop, with duplication I would expect twice that amount) that I get the idea that no duplication of back-up data is taking place. Is this assumption correct? And does this mean that if one of my harddisks crashed I might loose my back-ups? For me (and others) this is especially important, since I occacionally want to restore to an old version of my system (without all the bugs and mess which is created over time during normal use and especially when developing software and testing various versions) and this back-up version I don't want to loose when my WHS would loose its back-ups...

    Hopefully someone can comfort me...

    Friday, November 30, 2007 11:30 PM

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