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  • Is it possible to run outlook 2007 on two machines, but have them access the same .pst file on a single resource?

    I have several computers in a LAN, I run my main PC and my secondary PC.  There are times I want my main to open Outlook so I can email and respond from there.  There are times I do not want the performance hit, but still have my Outlook open on my secondary machine.  I do not want to maintain 2 seperate pst files that I would have to keep merging so I do not loose track of which machine that email came in on, thus the need to have a single pst file that both machines Outlook will read and work from.

    Is it possible to share the same pst file between both computers using Outlook 2007?

    What about setting something up on some other machine that holds all emails, address books, etc, have that machine do all the downloading of emails in one central location, and then be able to run or access that email on either one of my main or secondary PC's?

    Is this what Exchange server will do? Is this what IMAP is for?

    Is there a solution to keep all emails, address books, information, etc on one local resource and be able to access that via any machine I decide to fire up Outlook 2007 and configure the connections to that resource for?

    Ultimately what I am trying to do is either use the same pst file on 2 seperate machines running Outlook 2007, or have a central machine on my LAN, that I can configure to get all my emails from my email servers, download them, and then set up the various machines here in my LAN to use that as the source for viewing those downloaded emails, etc.  I am sure there was a better way to explain this, but basically if I have several email accounts I use, and I have 2 others here that have their emails as well.  Is there a way that I could create a central box that gets all these emails from all the various email servers/accounts and have them in one central location.  Then set up each PC here to access their email accounts on that one central box locally in our LAN?

    This will also help to keep a central location of all emails and address books, etc for backup or a single storage source so each individual PC would not have to maintain its own pst file.  Plus if I wipe a computer to reload an OS, or for whatever reason, I do not run the risk of loosing years worth of emails and contacts.

    Is there a solutionj for any of the above?

    Friday, February 16, 2007 3:45 PM