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    I often want to go and find threads that I know I have contributed to from a long time ago, most often in forums that I am not very active in. I could use "My Threads" but that contains threads from forums that I contribute to on a daily basis, hence doesn't allow me to accomplish my goal of finding that one thread from many months ago.

    My workaround is to go to "My Forums", remove all but the forum that I want to search, and then go to "My Forums Threads" where the thread I am interested in is generally to be found somewhere near the top. This technique though has the problem in that to remove forums from "My Forums" I need to click through to each forum in question and hit the "Remove from My Forums" link. This is really REALLY tedious.

    Some ideas that I think would make this whole experience better:

    1. In the "My Threads" view give us a way to filter the list of threads by the forum that they are in.
    2. In "My Forums" give us an interface to remove forums without having to click through to each forum in turn. (This also gives rise to the need to easily add new forums from that same screen - something else to think about).
    These change would make the forums a lot more usable to me.


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    Jamie Thomson
    Tuesday, October 19, 2010 9:24 AM