TIFF images disappear in a tour RRS feed

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  • I have an image disappearance problem in a tour even though I have good .tif images that include metadata. 


    First of all, I made a collection folder and added some of my .tif images.

    After I made some slides in a tour, I used "Set Start Camera Position" and "Set End Camera Position" for each slide.

    It looked fine up to this point.

    All images "appeared" when I played my tour from the beginning.


    I then saved the tour and reopened it.

    The .tif images that I added somehow disappeared.


    This doesn't occur if I convert .tif to .jpg format and repeat the same steps above. However, images disappear again when I play the same tour on other computers.

    Is there a special way to add .tif or .jpg images to a tour?



    Friday, August 26, 2011 6:36 AM


  • Tiff images loaded from a local hard drive are not for persistant tour use. The tour file don't import the image bits for imagesets, only the metadata.

    For tours we highly recomend using tiles imagesets instead of TIFF files, but it is possible to host a tiff file on the web and create a WTML imageset for it pointing to a public HTTP address.

    Then when you author a tour, the imageset can load the image from that url, and when you share the tour with others, the image will be downloaded for display.


    The downside of that is that non-tiled images must completely load before the user sees anything, thus the slide may be half over before the images is downloaded and displayed.


    Please see the authoring and developer section on tiling and hosting images using the study chopper tool.



    Friday, September 2, 2011 6:31 AM