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    Dear Sir,

    I have over a thousand contacts & the number is growing all the time. I meet newer people every day and I do need to contact them occasionally. Precisely for

    this purpose I use categories extensively. I have over a 100 categories of contacts. My problem is every time a contact calls say after 6 months after I have

    entered his contact in the phone all that the phone displays is his name. Obviously 6 months down the line I can't remember who the person is, just by

    looking at his name. This is sad. The caller then has to identify himself in spite of he being identified by my phone. In business this is damaging. Just

    imagine if I take the call all empowered knowing fully well who he is then its highly impressive isn't it.

    From Windows mobile 2003 SE till date i.e. till Windows Mobile 6.0 I have yet to come across a phone which displays the category of the caller along with his

    name. My quest for a phone like that or a call manager software has ended up futile.

    If you have a call manager which displays the category of the caller and also which allows extensive searching on all possible fields then do let me know.

    Else kindly develop one such call manager software and give me an opportunity to test it as well.

    I am looking to use it on two of my Windows Mobile Phones. One is a Windows Mobile 2003 SE & the other is a Windows Mobile 6.0



    Thursday, June 26, 2008 6:50 AM