Integrating 3rd Party Software with OCS 2007 RRS feed

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  • The company I work for has a call queuing system that we would like to integrate with OCS.
    Our program is based on Dialogic hardware/software, and as such I thought it would be simple to integrate with OCS, seeing that Dialogic sell OCS certified gateways. 

    After some investigation, it would appear that the Dialogic solutions, HMP and SIP Control etc, are unable to connect directly with OCS.  I figured that this was not an issue, as I can just connect through an OCS Mediation Server, which was simple to setup and I was able to get calls in and out without a hassle.  

    Now as a call queuing system we would like to be able to transfer queued calls to an Agent using Communicator.  This is where my troubles start, as the Mediation server does not appear to support a Sip Refer.  Is there a way to make the mediation server handle a Refer? A registry setting or config file maybe?

    After hitting that issue, I thought maybe I could skip the mediation server when I need to send a Sip Refer, and began playing with the OCS Server SDK.  I figured that if I could see the Sip packets with the SipSnoop demo, then maybe I could generate a Sip Refer message when required.  So far I have had little luck with this, and am starting to think it may not be possible. 

    Has anyone done anything like this before? Or should I just stick to doing bridged transfers through the Mediation server.

    Monday, December 3, 2007 2:32 AM