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  • Windows Academic Group has made some modifications and additions to the Windows Research Kernel published at http://www.facultyresourcecenter.com/curriculum/ResourceKits/os.aspx:


    1. WRK License has been extended to include the following passage:
        “5. Microsoft welcomes your comments and suggestions on the source code,
        which you provide on a strictly voluntary basis.  If you give Microsoft
        comments and suggestions regarding bug fixes, enhancements or other
        modifications to the source code, you agree that Microsoft may,
        in connection with Microsoft products and services use, disclose or 
        otherwise commercialize your comments and suggestions entirely without
        any obligation or restriction based on intellectual property rights or
        otherwise.  You will not give any comments or suggestions that you have
        reason to believe are subject to any patent, copyright, or other 
        intellectual property claim or right of any third party.”

    2. Solution and project files for Visual Studio 2008 have been added to integrate the WRK with VS 2008. The integration allows you to use the VS 2008 environment, including IntelliSense, to work with WRK code. The build process, however, uses the compilers and tools of VS 2003 supplied together with the WRK. Please note that the solution and project files are for VS 2008 and cannot be opened with VS 2003 or VS 2005. Visual Studio 2008 is available free of charge for faculty via MSDN Academic Alliance or via Faculty Connection (http://www.microsoft.com/education/facultyconnection/software/softwarelist.aspx?c1=en-us&c2=0), and for students via DreamSpark (https://www.dreamspark.com/default.aspx).


    3. Six sample experimental projects have been added (see subdirectory “Docs and Examples”):

        - Experiment Environment Set Up
        - Easy Pager Example Project
        - Fair Share Scheduler Example Project
        - Inter-Process Communication (IPC)
        - Processor Scheduling
        - Working Set

       All sample projects that involve source code change and/or addition are packaged in new “Delta-Zip” format, which is how we are going to publish the sample projects from now on. 
    All sample projects have been developed by faculty from US, Germany and China.

     4. A document “WRK Sample Publication Guidelines.doc” has been added, describing the minimal requirements to the sample WRK projects published via Faculty Resource Center site. If you have an interesting sample project you would like to share, here is how.

    Please take your time to download new version of WindowsResearchKernel-WRK.zip (66 MB) and take a look. Please note that the source code of the WRK itself hasn’t changed in any way.


    ALSO: PowerPoint presentation “New in Vista Kernel” has been added to “References and Related Materials” (http://www.facultyresourcecenter.com/curriculum/pfv.aspx?ID=7901).






    Serge Lidin, Windows Academic Program

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