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  • OneCare was running fine on my laptop. Then, I got an update. For some reason, the update failed to install itself. I rebooted the computer, same result. Searching for help revealed Microsoft had an OneCare uninstall tool. Great! I downloaded and ran that program, and  guess what? It too, failed!


    I stopped the OneCare services, tried again, and once again the uninstall tool failed. I don't know why Microsoft products do not believe in error codes, so we will never know what went wrong with the original upgrade or the uninstall.


    I uninstalled OneCare, and re-downloaded the product. At least that part went OK. I tried activating the software, but now OneCare tells me I need a subscription. Please note: I HAD A SUBSCRIPTION AND EVERYTHING WAS WORKING FINE UNTIL THE PROGRAM FAILED TO UPDATE ITSELF!!!!!


    Granted, I don't have that many days left on my subscription before I'm going to have to renew it, but I don't see why I should have to buy another subscription when I still have time left on the old one.


    Is there any way for Microsoft to validate the existing subscription and get me off 'trial mode'?


    -- bob



    Wednesday, December 5, 2007 6:24 PM


  • First of all, I'm sorry to read that you had a problem with the update. As for your current situation, validate that you have the right LiveID by signing in at http://billing.microsoft.com If it shows your subscription, you've got the right ID. If you don't see your subscription, it is under a different LiveID.

    Assuming that you have the right LiveID, if the password for your LiveID is complex, that is longer than 8 characters or includes characters other than letters and numbers, change the password to be simple temporarily and try activation again. Some people have reported that the activation process has a bug that can't handle long or complex passwords, though other LiveID enabled sites accept them. Once activated, change your password back as desired. You can change your password at http://account.live.com

    If you don't have the right LiveID or the above still doesn't work, please contact support who can help you get activated once again.

    How to reach support (FAQ) - http://forums.microsoft.com/WindowsOneCare/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=2421771&SiteID=2



    Wednesday, December 5, 2007 7:30 PM