My computer restarts randomly...... RRS feed

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  • My computer has been just restarting randomly for a couple of days now and I'm starting to get worried. When it restarts, it just goes into a blank screen and just stays there until I manually shut it off. I have not been able to find some thread that has the same issue as me and I have already have had my Fan-Heat Sink replaced so it has nothing to do with over heating. I will give the exact thing that happen in order down below step wise:

    1) The computer shuts off, the power light is off and everything

    2) The computer then turns on again, I can tell given gurgeling sounds, power light etc. 

    3) Then it stays at a blank screen that isn't even illuminated and the wi-fi indicator is turned off 

    4) I shut it off after this happens, but if I turn it right back on immediatly after I turn it off, it goes into the same state. I have to wait a minute or two before I boosts up normally. 

    5) Then I just have to bight my nails until it happens again

    If anyone has the same issue or help in mind PLEASE HELP

    Sunday, August 18, 2013 9:34 PM