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  • Yes,i had OneCare protection but Personalsec managed to get thru and had control of my laptop.
    Personalsec posted they had 176,000 USA citizens using their protection services and at 90 dollars for a lifetime of their protection service was giving me a USA discount.PersonaLsec also displayed a page almost identical to my microsofts firewall settings page except without the shield at the top and it was in the red saying my firewall was turned off,but my other was showing my firewall was turned on.I had to browse my program files and found Personalsec,then deleted Personalsec to fix the problem and regain use of my laptop.Personalsec has tried lately sending another long rectangular sign reading WEBPAGE on it posting that my pc was in iminient computer failure danger that i need to click below to run scan and fix the problem immediately,but i just kept X--ING it out.So far my laptop is ok today.Thanks,TonyBrowning,,Did i do good ?
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