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  • The hard disk in our PC died today, but I didnt stress it as the PC is backed up every night to the WHS. I went to the shop, replaced the hard disk and booted PC. We have an SSD boot drive, and data (such as photos/video etc) is stored on the drive that failed.

    Used the WHS Console to mount the most recent backup - no issues. Copied all of the data from the backup to the failed drive. I was delighted with how easy the whole process was.

    BUT, when I tried to listen to some music, I was getting errors saying the file was corrupt. Didnt think anything of it and went onto the next track. It played fine. But then a few more tracks couldnt play. So I had a poke arround the hard disk, to find that about 1 in 100 of my music tracks no longer play.

    Then I discovered a similar thing with my pictures. When I look through the folders, most folders have 1 or 2 pictures that theres no preview for. Some folders its nearly all the pictures.  When you try and open one of these files you get an error message "Windows Photo Viewer can't open this picture because the file appears to be damaged, corrupted, or is too large"

    As you can imagine, I am devistated at loosing all of this data, and angry that WHS has been happily telling me every day that the backup is complete, only to find that whilst it may be complete, it is also totally useless.

    Luckily I have SOME of the data on CD and DVD (from pre WHS days) but didnt think to carry on backup up after I purchased WHS - after all thats what I bought the thing for.

    There is a question here. There are a long history of back ups for this PC. Does that mean if I go back far enough, I will (hopefully) find versions of these files that are not corrupt? Judging by the spaced taken up by the back ups, im guessing not.

    Finally, the pictures were on an different PC back in 2009, and I still have a backup of this on the server. I was hoping to get some of the pictures from this backup, but when I try and restore from it, the restore process starts but then I get an error message saying "You need to format the disc in drive Z before you can use it"

    I cant begin to express how angry I am that this supposedly simple to use product, designed for home use, that has been telling me every day that everything is working well, no error messages, no warnings etc has lost so much of my data.

    If anyone could give any advice on anything I have overlooked, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thursday, August 5, 2010 6:12 PM

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  • Hi,

    could you try to run clientrestorewizard.exe from the Windows Home Server folder on the client and restore the entire volume instead of copying from an opened backup?
    Would the files be ok in this case?

    If not, are those purchased files? In this case DRM could be the issue with those.

    Another possible reason is that the files got corrupted earlier on the original disk - there was a reason for the disk failing, maybe the disk failed in stages (or the files have never been ok), so that these backups contained the corrupted files.
    In this case trying to restore the files from earlier backups may help.

    Best greetings from German

    Thursday, August 5, 2010 9:46 PM