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  • After completing the Wizard, purchasing a domain name and cert from GoDaddy, and two phone calls to GD tech support . . . I can connect to the server from outside my home network. However, I get the warning: "The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website's address." I can bypass the warning to (eg) access "Shared Folders", but the connection will not allow "Remote Web Access".

    As a total networking noob, I don't know exactly what info would help diagnose the problem so please bear with me. Assume that the domain name I bought was "serverdomain.net", here is what I see:

    1) When examining the cert after failing to connect for Remote Access, the cert shown is issued by SERVERDOMAIN-CA.

    2) When looking at certs while on the server itself via IIS, there are 10 certificates shown as follows (upper and lower case as shown):

    1 x remote.serverdomain.net - Issued by GoDaddy, with a path to two higher GD certs, showing Subject Alternate names of "remote.serverdomain.net" and www.remote.serverdomain.net


    5 x remote.Serverdomain.net issued by SERVERDOMAIN-CA. These have dates/times prior to the GoDaddy cert.

    2 x remote.serverdomain.net issued by SERVERDOMAIN-CA. These have dates and times after the GoDaddy Cert


    I assume the multiple certs were self-generated while clicking the Server Settings/Remote Web Access/Repair button before and after the GoDaddy tech support call, trying to get it working.

    3) When I access Server Settings/Remote Web Access now, the Domain name section shows:

    Name: https://remote.serverdomain.net/

    Wait while your domain certificate request is processed.

    4) Finally, pinging www.serverdomain.net shows a GoDaddy IP, while pinging remote.serverdomain.net correctly shows my server's (current dynamic) IP.

    I think that somehow the linkage is screwed up, but I don't know how to repair it. Can someone help?

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