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    how to properly read from a serial device from an UWP app? I'm trying to read data from an industrial scale; have tried every single possible solution i found on google and still have no idea what i'm doing wrong.

    Can someone point me to the right direction? How am i supposed to communicate with a serial device? I have to send commands and read the received reply.

    I tried using

    Windows.Devices.SerialCommunication: I can find select and config my device but i can't communicate with it as i would like to. I need to send specific string commands and listen for replies, the replies might be ACK/NACK strings or a formatted string with the data i need. I can only read and write using writers but it's not what i need! I just want to send a string and read the response, simple as that! My tentative:

    string selector = SerialDevice.GetDeviceSelector("COM2");
                DeviceInformationCollection devices = await DeviceInformation.FindAllAsync(selector);
                if (devices.Any())
                    // Setup
                    DeviceInformation deviceInfo = devices[0];
                    SerialDevice serialDevice = await SerialDevice.FromIdAsync(deviceInfo.Id);
                    serialDevice.BaudRate = 9600;
                    serialDevice.DataBits = 8;
                    serialDevice.StopBits = SerialStopBitCount.One;
                    serialDevice.Parity = SerialParity.None;
                    // Write with DataWrite
                    // Read with DataReader

    The flow i'm looking for is more of "i send you this and then wait and read for the answer"

    thanks in advance

    noob software dev https://filipemadureira.com

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    Since this thread is related to UWP, so I suggest that you can ask this question in  Microsoft Q&A.

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  • If you want to write/read to virtual COM port, you can use System.IO.Ports.SerialPort class.

    It can Open virtual COM ports, and write / read data to the virtual COM port.


    But, there is a limitation. SerialPort class on UWP can't list ports using GetPortNames method. If the method was used, then PlatformNotSupportedException would be occurred.

    Wednesday, December 18, 2019 2:40 PM
  • I'm having an hard time navigating the forums, let alone finding the correct section.. thanks. I'll repost there.

    noob software dev https://filipemadureira.com

    Thursday, December 19, 2019 1:37 PM