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  • If I were able to filter only those threads to which I have answered. Because, I often see questions for which I have answered previously, but it is hard to traverse back and search for that thread. Long ago I had asked this question, but that feature wasn't available then.

    So, is there any such feature available now?

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  • Unfortunately, there is no such feature, but I believe it was requested.
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    Friday, January 20, 2012 6:04 AM
  • Have probably misunderstood the request but you can use the MSDN Forum Assistant gadget to see the last 40 threads you (or anyone) have participated in.

    Modifications for this gadget are available here.

    Doubtless, you could improve on these, perhaps by making the gadget progressively save the links with prompts for categories etc etc



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  • Thank you. But, No. I can that list by clicking My Threads link. My question is whether I can filter all threads which are answered by me (not just replied).
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    Friday, January 20, 2012 11:55 AM
  • Same deal. Add extra control to send separate xmlhttprequest -> search for answered -> if found save and whatever.
    Friday, January 20, 2012 12:43 PM
  • Long ago I had asked this question, but that feature wasn't available then.

    Where?  When?  This tip is now almost 2 years old:



    -  2310 hits

    Whether it is complete or not and whether you can combine it effectively with other search terms is another matter.   <eg>



    Robert Aldwinckle

    Friday, January 20, 2012 7:00 PM
  • Thanks.
    Friday, January 20, 2012 11:19 PM
  • So, uh, yeah. Spent today writing a puny 40 lines that would probably have taken someone of your calibre about 5 minutes but the gadget now has an extra control in the expanded original post which when clicked, retrieves the whole thread, extracts posts, post authors and post dates and inserts them nicely into the gadget. It checks for "Marked as Answer" and if found marks the top of the thread as well as the answer. For me that's the hard part mostly over. Now it just has to offer to save and categorize. But I can have fun doing that - not like battling my ineptitude with regular expression. Probably not very hard now to have it do the same to the 'My Threads' list, too.
    I can understand anyone being reluctant (copyright) to do something like this because it's pretty much how I feel. I think working on anyone else's stuff is a blatant waste of (my) time. This will never be my gadget. At the same time, it's been an interesting exercise.
    This is almost certainly not the right place to ask but it would be nice if someone could ask the powers that be for my permission to continue. Otherwise they could do me a really, really big favour by telling me to stop and by taking down the thread the mods are posted on. Trust me - I'd be sad for maybe a nanosecond. Anything but indifference  will be viewed in a positive light.
    These latest mods have not been posted yet. Last time I did, I was hit with a 6000 character maximum per post despite earlier posts being longer, I think. (Maybe that was a hint) To despatch this one right now I'd probably need 25000 or once again split it over multiple posts. (Sorry if it was a hint).
    Thank you for your attention.


    Nice little option at the bottom...plus easier on the eyes imho. Did I mention that if they tell me to stop they can have what I've done - burn it, use it - I don't care, just have to ask. Seems a waste to have the current one looking for updates all the time when it will never be updated though..

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  • Blockquotes inside blockquotes inside blockquotes....and 'Unmarked', 'Unproposed' as Answer ?? Kidding, right ? Not good things to notice at 3AM...in the morning though...



    Maybe now I can save 'em. But first had to add option to either 'refresh and expand' thread or 'expand using cached' thread so I can maybe add 'expand using saved' later on.  (Threads are cached during the current sidebar.exe session.)


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  • Hard to know where to start...maybe briefly from the top.
    Clicking on the thread title exposes the original post and controls to fetch the whole thread to replace the original post, check for answers etc, like in the pics above.  
    The expansion controls disappear (you can click the thread title or double click anywhere in the thread to close it) and if a tick appears to the right of the author name you can click it to save the thread. No options (yet but maybe never) - everything automatic.
    A function checks for a folder with a name corresponding to the forum feed title inside a folder called "MSDN Answers" inside your documents folder. If either don't exist they are created. It checks for existence of a css file in the root folder (MSDN Answers) and if not there it writes one (a pretty basic one so far). It then creates/overwrites an html file in the forum directory using the thread title as a name and with the entire thread in the body.
    I was getting pretty depressed about the html created by the xslt not passing my display name to the function - so there will be a folder created that has just your answers - until I started trying it manually (typing in "mystifeid's threads"), got to the apostrophe and starting banging my head against the wall. Duh. Lucky there's already a template for replacing things.
    Anyway next on the agenda :
    - an index file (links to all the answers) that will be updated with each save.
    - save/reload the fragments into the gadget.
    - ???

    Crikey, not to mention all the other illegal folder/file name characters that have to be removed (eg lots of question marks at the end of thread titles). And every time I start reading about regex's it's like another day gone and hardly anything happens...but now I'm really depressed about the encoding. Looks like it's going to take a long, long time just to fully understand my problem let alone do anything about it ... either have to start last part again or what with all the ... might just give that one to the Who Cares Dept. Lately was made head of dept so that'll be easy...
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  • Happened to read that thread near the top (in the image below) in the gadget, thought all these posts had been deleted (I wish they would be) and for the last few hours have been having a little song and dance. Finally realized it was in a different forum. Rats. More head banging. Well I must be good for a few laughs then.
    Finally have my index file working. At the click of a tick the answer file and if needed, the css file are created and saved while the index is also updated,  unduped, sorted(badly) and saved. Now I can start building my offline store of MSDN answers! (It would be easy to make a control to get all the answers in all the forum feeds at once.) Since I am a novice, it's all a bit of a kludge (even by my standards at this stage) - but it works for me. There is an almost endless list of things I'd like to add, however, each one seems to take 24 hours and I can't help but imagine what it would be like to have the skills and knowledge of most of the people in these forums so that I could perform these tasks to produce a script with a hundred fold efficiency in a hundredth of the time.
    Now, to suck the fragments back into the gadget...

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     ...load it back into the gadget ??

    As if.

    Those little controls on the bottom of the screenshot may not look like much - probably easy for you - but to tie them into both what I've already done and the original gadget was about 2 days without sleep. $*#@^!% regexs, I tell ya. And I'm sick to death of looking at source especially the ones that are 35000 characters wide!

    The gadget is a weird mixture now. I'd like to rip out the rss altogether but I kind of like learning about the xslt (my first one) and if I did I might as well throw away the MSDN gadget, take what I've done - about 500 lines of jscript now or a quarter to a half of a gadget as far as I'm concerned - and start from scratch. Well, maybe I will one day.

    You might be able to tell from the screenie that the gadget is no longer limited to viewing the first 40 threads in a forum. So what's so good about that ??

    -it's fast, very fast. Even with script that only just works, it leaves my browser for dead. After install, it is also much faster loading.

    -it can save the abridged thread it displays to your hard drive, automatically updating an index.html file. Browsing with this is even faster and can be done offline.

    -images are autoscaled in the gadget and rescaled in the saved files.

    -it's easy to have the gadget write scripts for the saved files.

    -it's easy to write filter functions for the saving of files.

    NB - for myself I'm not particularly interested in what follows but

    -it would be very easy to autosave all (insert criteria here) on a page

    -it would be just as easy to autosave all answers on a forum

    -ergo - just as easy to autosave all answers on every page in every forum.

    Three loops. Even I could write them in 5 minutes. Might have to slow it down though, throw in some random delays and maybe even a few proxies. Maybe even do it synchronously. Otherwise there might be trouble..

    Anyway, that's just not me. Haven't quite gone over to the dark side yet...not that they'd want me either!

    Might still spend a day or two going back over what I've done, fixing it up a tad. Making it pretty. er.

    This thing is like the dog that follows you home and you try to find the owner (cos it has a tag around it's neck that says "Touch me on pain of death") but can't and at the same time it just happens to be the best darn dog you've ever had to play with...

    ...and who knows, now that I'm done I might even stop talking to myself here and let this thread die a natural death.


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  • ...and who knows, now that I'm done I might even stop talking to myself here and let this thread die a natural death.

    @ mystifeid

    I, for one, am impressed by the technique (though I am far from comprehending it all).   I have even speculated about applying it to Answers.   Care to comment on the feasibility of that idea, please?



    Wednesday, February 8, 2012 8:32 PM
  • Just let me pick myself back up off the floor...there...I'm afraid Robert, that what I've done is a little more primitive than you have suggested. Let me recap.

    The original gadget downloads an rss feed and uses an xslt file to generate a page of html to display links to (just the last ten) threads per forum or per display name (anonymously !?!).

    The feed actually contains a lot more information than that - the last 40 threads, the original post, post date, last edit date, author, link to author profile - but no answer status.

    So after gleaning all of that, what I did is just make it first download the forum pages containing the groups of 20 thread links and display them and then when they were clicked, download the actual thread html. In both cases information is extracted using regular expressions. In this fashion it could also extract all the "helpful votes". This info is then used to replace/add to the html generated by the xslt. It is not until the last step - when the thread html is downloaded that it is checked for answer status - [Edit - I was going to say because it does not appear anywhere else - but you have made me remember that there is the icon too...thanks. However it is still of interest to see all the 'Unmarked', 'Unproposed' etc. - and you would have to do this to check "helpful votes"]

    If it finds that the thread has been answered it will allow you to save the thread and automatically begin building/updating a website on the local computer consisting of these answered threads. Once the threads are here it is a piece of cake to make any number of filters for whatever information.

    While you can pick and choose, it's a pretty tortuous process to download and check the html from every thread. Although by themselves it happens very quickly, some of these forums might have 10,000 threads. Or take the OP for example who looks like he has about 75 pages of threads => total threads => 75 x 20 = 1500 threads.

    And while it would be easy to automate, looping through thousands of threads is probably not something you would want to do very often. Whoever owns the site/servers would probably say never. (Bandwidth, Scripts are not run, Ads don't appear etc) 

    [Edit - thanks for reminding me - I can use the icon ! This would reduce 10,000 requests to 500. It would only be good for the forums though and would not help with either your query or the OP's question]

    Although it seems to work, there are many problems too. Your display name for example (ending in 'forums') I notice is a problem for me. And the source changed the other day and broke a regex. I can fix/ed these things but it would be ongoing and also reasonably painful for someone with my limited capabilities. In it's present form it would be painful for anyone.

    Originally I started looking at this gadget because someone complained that it only displayed ten links per forum (I rue the day). Then when I saw this OP's question (another bad day) I thought, well why not do it yourself.

    So I did it. But you can trust me when I say that I now FULLY understand his reluctance to have anything to do with the idea and the last thing I would want to do is rush around and give this thing to people who could not maintain/rewrite it themselves.

    Even up until recently I thought it wasn't such a bad idea but I have begun to reverse that position. Just because something is possible doesn't make it a good idea..

    I think, just to check answer and helpful vote status, everything would be a lot easier if the rss feed was modified to include and somehow offer grouping with this information. But even then it would be up to the individual to aggregate these themselves by subscribing to the feed.

    Anyway, thanks for the interest Robert and have a great day !!

    (..and nice idea about the code blocks BigTeddy)

    Just had to unescape the spaces to manipulate it as it turned out ...(just displaying msdn threads btw), but it's typical - every time I look at it, I find more exceptions, more mistakes. It's driving me insane. At least I know how to use xsl:translate for the apostrophe these days !

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