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  • The developer toolkit Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a great tool for developing and deploying plugins.  However, I have a few questions regarding the isolation level settings it configures.

    Unlike the plugin registration tool which allows you to define the isolation level (Sandbox or None) per plugin, the toolkit seems to have a single "IsolationMode" property setting in the RegisterFile.crmregister file that applies to all plugins you have in your project.  Is there a way to have multiple plugins in a project, but control the isolation level individually per plugin?

    For example, I create a developer toolkit solution with a create Contact plugin and an update Contact plugin.  I'd like the create Contact plugin to run with an Isolation Level of None and the update Contact plugin to run with an Isolation Level of Sandbox. 

    Is this possible when using the developer toolkit or would I need to create two projects in the developer toolkit solution?

    Wednesday, February 26, 2014 4:18 PM

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