Sick of the spam. Can we automatically delete questions with specific keywords? RRS feed

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  • It's been really sickening to see all these spam messages. I subscribe to the RSS feed and half the real estate in my feed every day is taken up by the same kind spam message.

    Would it be possible to automatically delete any question that has certain keywords in the title. Include in that list of keywords items like

    Dub@ai - replace AT sign with "a"

    C@llgirl - same

    Fem@le - same

    P@kistani - same

    Esc0rt - replace zero with "o"

    B0llywood - same

    Even though there may be legitimate questions with "Pakistani" in the title, the odds are against it. If new questions from new member featuring these key words in the subject line could be rejecte per se, that would really make life a lot easier.

    Also, you may come up with more keywords to identify these spams.

    Maybe posts from a new user could be held for 15 minutes. If the same user posts n more messages in these 15 minutes, none of them will be published, because the new user is considered a spammer. No real new member will post 12 messages within 12 minutes.

    So, there are a few handles to deal with the spam before it even surfaces.

    Any other ideas if/how the forum managers can deal with the Indi@an C@llgirl Dub@i spam?

    cheers, teylyn

    Friday, November 29, 2013 10:15 AM


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  • Hi,

    Have you been reporting the threads as spam? This is the new preferred method (as opposed to the old report spam threads) and it seems to work pretty well for me. In my experience, by the time I report 10-20 of these threads either the spam filter or the admins themselves clean up the rest of them.

    I think I've seen less spam over the past few months, but luckily I frequent forums that don't seem to be targeted by our escort friend.

    EDIT: Now that I reread your post, I see you're noticing this via RSS. Probably not much you can do directly from the feed.

    Don't retire TechNet! - (Maybe there's still a chance for hope, over 12,420+ strong and growing)

    Sunday, December 1, 2013 8:29 PM
  • Mike

    There are a couple of reasons that we are seeing less.  More people are reporting them and the US football season is coming to a close.  These seem to be a yearly event here, and on Microsoft community (as well as other places) that come and go with the seasons.

    The hardware threads used to have dozens of threads which were predictable in terms of when, and where.  I am lucky if I see one or two these days.

    I do note that the Skype forums are now inundated so I suspect given the tougher moderation here and @MC our mombai friends are seeking softer targets.

    Wanikiya and Dyami--Team Zigzag

    Sunday, December 1, 2013 9:40 PM
  • Hi,

    I know I can report them and I have done so in the past. That's not the point. I'm after a way to prevent people from being able to post at all if these words appear in the subject.

    I have subscribed to an RSS feed, so new questions get delivered to my inbox once per hour or so. When I check my emails, I see blocks of 20 or more of these RSS notifications that are the spam messages. Since the RSS feed is not immediate, by the time I get to open the spam posts, they've already been reported and deleted.

    It would be great if they would not appear in my inbox at all. Would it not be possible to set up a blacklist of words and don't allow posts that contain these words?

    cheers, teylyn

    Monday, December 2, 2013 2:29 AM
  • Is it possible? Probably (I have no idea, I have no contact with anyone at Microsoft), but our escort friend would just change to a different character set and start up all over again.

    Don't retire TechNet! - (Maybe there's still a chance for hope, over 12,420+ strong and growing)

    Monday, December 2, 2013 3:03 AM
  • The ideas is to evaluate the Subject of the thread and not allow posting the thread if it contains blacklisted words. That would be completely independent of a user account.

    cheers, teylyn

    Sunday, December 8, 2013 8:44 PM