Need to develop a tracking app for parts we receive for building our main product. Looking for advice on best MS tools to use. RRS feed

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  • Problem: We have trouble keeping up with a count of parts we have manufactured by a business partner. We have an agreement for 6,000 per quarter. The business partner builds them, then sends them to another business partner to be galvanized. That company then sends the galvanized parts to us. We have trouble keeping up with what we've received/what's outstanding.

    All the data entry will be done manually, even the starting value at the beginning of each quarter, although it would be nice if the tool would do the basic arithmetic. I would need all the planned dates and actual dates tracked for initial order, available, sent to galvanize, sent to us. Also count ordered, count received, etc. All to be entered/updated manually. Would also like to record the username/email plus date/time stamp of the person entering or updating the info.

    Should be able to enter the part# to pull up the part and show current status in the form. Then be able to simply view or adjust the values within the form. When a value is changed by someone it should notify the "team", probably just 2 people. These should be the only people using the tool.

    In the past I would have used SharePoint 2010 lists, InfoPath 2010 forms, and SharePoint workflow but with all the new Office 365 tools, I'm not sure which to use.

    1) Do I use SQL, Flow, and Forms?

    2) Or would it be best to go back to a SharePoint list but use the new Flow and Forms tools?

    3) Or should I do it all in SQL or Access?

    4) Or perhaps use PowerApps to do it?

    5) Please don't tell me to use Excel :)

    There are probably many ways to do this. Perhaps even some templates. Just looking for a little guidance.



    Wm J Slayton, Jr

    Tuesday, January 22, 2019 11:18 PM

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